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3.3 Connecting to the Ecosystem Plan

If you’ve been invited to connect or requested to connect to an Ecosystem Plan, Shared Outcomes and Shared Indicators can be ‘adopted’ into Action Plans. To adopt relevant SOs or SIs: 

  1. Click ‘Connect’ on the bottom left and select the relevant Ecosystem Plan.
  2. Select the applicable SOs and SIs and then click Adopt. The Adopted nodes will appear and can be linked to plan specific Outcomes, Actions and Indicators.  

Progress updates that are input into Shared Nodes or Nodes linked to Shared Nodes will be shared with the Ecosystem Manager. 

Filtering by Ecosystem Plan  

If you are connected to multiple Ecosystem Plans, this means you can adopt in Shared Nodes from all of them. If you want to see how your Action Plan links to a particular Ecosystem Plan, you can do so by clicking on Filters.  

From the sidebar that appears, click Plans to expand the dropdown. Here you can select / de-select which Ecosystem Plan’s Shared Nodes you want to see and adopt.

To learn more about creating an Ecosystem Plan with Shared Outcomes & Shared Indicators, see Section 4.

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