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4.3 Adding Shared Outcomes & Shared Indicators

The Ecosystem Plan should be thought of as the overall vision for your Workspace and is built around Shared Outcomes (SOs) and Shared Indicators (SIs).

  • Shared Outcomes should outline what you want to achieve on a large scale, these can be ambitious and broad.
  • Shared Indicators should be specific metrics or information that can track progress of the Shared Outcomes. The Shared Indicators provide consistent measures of progress and can be completed by multiple users, departments or external stakeholders.

Before starting your Ecosystem Plan, take time to explore your existing Action Plans and try to build your overall vision based on what is already trying to be achieved. Then fill in the gaps where needed to create a holistic Ecosystem Plan that addresses all aspects of sustainability.  

SOs and SIs can be added into the platform in both Mindmap view and Table view.  

Adding SOs and SIs via Mindmap view  

  1. From the Dashboard, click View on the ‘Ecosystem Plan’ card and go to Mindmap view.
  2. Using the ribbon on the left-hand side, select either Outcome or Indicator.  

In the side bar that appears, fill out each field: 

  • Name: a short name for your Outcome/Indicator, usually a paraphrase of its full definition 
  • Details: the full definition of your Outcome/Indicator 
  • Category: the category which your Outcome/Indicator primarily belongs to  

Indicators have Additional Information where you can add extra information if needed (optional). Ensure to set the Outcome/Indicator as shared by turning the slider from grey to purple. Once all the fields have been filled out, click Add Outcome/Indicator and the new node will appear in the Mindmap. 

For the Shared Indicators, ensure to set up the Units, Target value, Benchmark value and Target date under the Monitoring tab by clicking on the desired SI and going to Additional Data. 

Adding OAIs via Table View 

  1. From the Dashboard, click View on the ‘Ecosystem Plan’ card and go to Table view.
  2. Using the ribbon at the top, select either Outcome or Indicator and then click Add Outcome/Indicator.  
  3. In the pop-up that appears, fill out each field as detailed above and the new node will appear in the Table.  

In Table View, you can upload groups of up to 50 Outcomes, Actions and Indicators at a time with the Excel Uploader, see 6.4 Excel Uploader. 

Linking your Ecosystem Plan 

Once your Shared Outcomes and Shared Indicators have been added and set up in your Ecosystem Plan, it is now time to link everything together, see 5.2 Linking.

To get the most out of the OnePlanet platform, we recommend linking Shared Outcomes to the relevant Global Outcome(s). Shared Indicators can be either linked to their relevant Shared Outcome or Global Outcome(s). Try to avoid linking Shared Outcomes to other Shared Outcomes as this will make the data structure less effective.  

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