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5.2 Linking

Links are used to illustrate how Outcomes, Actions and Indicators (OAIs) are interconnected. These links a can only be made in Mindmap view.  

To link OAIs, open the Plan you are working on in Mindmap. Using the ribbon on the left-hand side, click the Link button to turn it purple. Click on an OAI, then drag and release the Link towards the other OAI you wish to link to it. 

To delete a Link, click the Link and then the Delete button in the left fly-out.  


  • Use Linking to communicate which Actions are supporting which Outcomes/Shared Outcomes. Actions can be linked to multiple Outcomes/Shared Outcomes as a way of illustrating co-benefits.  
  • Indicators can be linked either to the Outcome or the specific Action they are measuring the progress of.  
  • Shared Outcomes and Shared Indicators link up the activity across the Action Plans so be thoughtful about which OAIs you want to link to these.  
  • Avoid linking: Shared Outcomes to other Shared Outcomes and; Shared Indicators to Shared Indicators.
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