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6.4 Excel uploader

The Excel Uploader is a useful function for bulk data upload. The Uploader can be used in both Ecosystem plans and Action plans.


To upload data using the Excel Uploader:

  • Open a new Excel spreadsheet
  • Create separate files for Outcomes, Actions and Indicators, with three columns in each
  • Column A should include the name of your Outcome/Action/Indicator
  • Column B should include a short sentence or phrase detailing your Outcome/Action/Indicator
  • Column C should include the category of the relevant lens

Actions and Indicators have an extra column for Additional Data.

  • Column D should include any relevant additional data of your Action or Indicator.

Tip: Column A should always be filled but Columns B, C of D can be left blank

Tip: You can upload upto 50 cells at a time

When your spreadsheet is complete:

  • Save as a .csv file
  • In Table View, Click on Outcome, Action or Indicator depending on which file you are uploading.
  • Follow the instructions in the Import OAIs from CSV file window
  • Upload your .csv file, click Import 

Your imported Outcomes / Actions / Indicators will now appear in Table view.

Tip: Upload your Outcomes first, then link them together. Followed by uploading and linking your Actions. Finally, upload and link your Indicator.

Go to Mind map to Link your Outcomes, Actions and Indicators together.

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