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4.4 Publishing your Ecosystem plan

Before publishing your Ecosystem Plan, you will need to first publish your Workspace, see 2.2 Edit / Manage your Workspace.

To publish your Ecosystem Plan on the OnePlanet website:

  1. From the Dashboard click View on the ‘Ecosystem Plan’ card.
  2. You can publish your plan on either the Plan Details page or in Document View by simply clicking on ‘Publish Plan’.
  3. Edit what will appear on the public page of your Ecosystem Plan, this includes information on: about the plan, location and contact information.
  4. Choose to share your plan as a PDF report, a Mindmap or both. If you choose to share your PDF report(s), select from the Report List which generated documents to share. If you choose to share your Mindmap, select from the first drop-down which lenses you want your audience to view your plan through. Then select in the second drop-down which will be the default lens when your Ecosystem Plan is first opened.
  5. Upload a banner image and logo.
  6. Preview your public Ecosystem Plan page before publishing.  
  7. When you’re ready, publish your Ecosystem Plan and then View Live Page. 

For guidance on how to generate a PDF report of your Ecosystem Plan, see 6.2 Report Generator.  

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